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Yamato Green is Japan company that using Japanese technology to contribute to agri renovation, based on national policy of Cambodia .The main goal of the company is to bring Food Value Chain by apply IOT into AgriTech including Greenhouse , Farming Technologies , Harvesting Techniques , Franchise , agriculture machinery and Spread agricultural “Made in Cambodia” products to other countries starting from Japan and make Cambodia a powerful country on agriculture in the international market .We also bring the health and longevity to Cambodian . Company vision is achieving increased income and stabilization of farmers by introducing efficiency on agriculture.Lower the obstracles for agri business and increase the agri population with using technology.


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Fertilizers and soil amendments are a wide array of materials added to soils to improve plant growth. They can be organic, such as bone meal, or inorganic, such as 10-10-10 fertilizers. They serve as both fertilizers and soil amendments. Many farmers do not have a clear understanding of soil testing. Confusion revolves around the fact that the nutrient content of soil seldom is important in testing for fertilizer recommendations (Fertilizer Formula) because of the many chemical forms of nutrients in soil. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Fertilizers are labeled with a three number analysis corresponding to N, P, and K. It tells what percentage of the net weight is actually composed of these three nutrients. A fertilizer containing all three nutrients is a balanced fertilizer. Checking the boundaries you have provided for the land you're claiming against are correct. This allows us to calculate the gross area for the field and mapping. - Measuring and assessing ineligible areas within agricultural land parcels. - Collecting the soil sampling - Verifying the management and cost requirements - Waste and Recycle management Soil Sampling Good decisions start with good data. Good fertility and nutrient management starts with right formula of fertilizer, treatment and efficiency. Our soil sampling service consists of a full time team of Field Service Technicians who take over 600 samples a year. In addition, they are responsible for the necessary fieldwork mapping, grid sampling, GPS boundary mapping and tile line mapping. To assure that our fieldwork is performed consistently and to the standards necessary for our work, we have developed an internal technician certification program with Five Stars levels. All new technicians are trained the same way and must pass the certification process, which includes actual fieldwork as well as testing their aptitude for running equipment.



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